Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Swaddle Your Baby

There are many ways to swaddle your baby. When my 2nd child was born 7 weeks early, she spent 5 weeks in the hospital. This is how the NICU nurses swaddled her and I've found it to be the most effective way! We swaddled her for 8 months and she loved it!

Step 1: Lay your blanket out on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fold over the top edge about 3-4 inches. This will prevent the blanket from sliding around up by your baby's face.
Step 3: Lay your baby on the blanket with his shoulders just barely above the top of the blanket.

Step 4: Lay your babies right arm against his body, wrap one side of the blanket over the arm and across his body and tuck under his back.

Step 5: Lay your baby's left arm against his body, wrap the other side of the blanket over the arm and across his body and tuck under his back.

If it's warmer weather and you don't want your baby to have too many layers on, you can stop here. Just tuck the extra blanket at the bottom under your baby's feet. If you want extra warmth, continue on with the next steps.

Step 6: Take the bottom part of the blanket and pull it out flat.

Step 7: Lay the bottom part of the blanket over the top of your baby.

Step 8: Tuck the edges underneath his body and your little baby will be as snug as a bug in a rug!

As your baby gets older and may not want their arms in the blanket, you can swaddle him around the chest and leave his arms out.

*Thanks so my little guy, Noah, for being such a willing model. For reference, he is 6 months old. And these blankets still fit him wonderfully! To you purchase your own, Extra Large Receiving Blanket, check out my website!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Swirly Skirt

I LOVE the colors in the skirt. It's so fun! Thanks to Alana from sharing!
Make your own! Click here!

Everything is on Sale!!!!!

I'm in the process of closing out EVERYTHING except for my tutorials and supplies. With 3 kids, I just don't have as much time to craft. So, I'm going to focus on making more tutorials and just enjoying life. This means that everything is on sale! Help me get rid of it all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE PDF Tutorials

Wow, It's been a while since I last posted here. I just want to announce that I'm offering a special on my PDF Tutorials right now! All tutorials are Buy 2, Get 1 free! That's $4 or less for each tutorial. I have 8 to choose from and will hopefully be finishing some more here soon.

Just in time for the Holidays, Christmas Stocking Tutorial.

The ever popular Self-Binding Blanket Tutorial.

Make your own Hair Clips.

Weighted shoulder Nursing Blanket.

My favorite, Striped Minky Quilt tutorial.

The SUPER cute Swirly Skirt tutorial. The finished product is so cute, pictures don't even do it justice!

And my newest additions, The Double-sided minky blanket and Create your own Applique tutorials each include over 75 different applique ideas.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep this special up, so get your tutorials now at this amazing price!

Coming soon: Felt Hair Clips, Flower Hair Clip, Minky Cuddle blanket, and Stacking Ring Toy.

Also.... I have a special on my Receiving Blankets as well. Buy 3 for $22.50!

Monday, May 25, 2009

CraziBeautiful Women

I've been featured on the online magazine, CraziBeautiful Women! Check it out here! I'm also offering a $15 gift certificate to my shop. You can enter to win by leaving a comment at the end of the Gettin' Crazi article! So, enter to win today!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I think when I started my business, I wasn't sure this day would ever come. And the most amazing thing is how quickly I've arrived here. On May 13th, I sold my 1000th item in my CuddleBaby Boutique shop on Etsy. I'm pretty excited about it!

It's been a while since I've updated here. Obviously, business is still going well. I have plans for several more tutorials in the works, hopefully they will be arriving soon! And I'm also going to start selling items on my blog! So, check back soon for that new feature!
In other news, my husband and I are expecting our 3rd child due September 3rd! We've opted not to find out what we are having. Our two girls are very excited for a new brother or sister.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nursing Blanket Tutorial

I just completed a new tutorial! This one is on how to make a Nursing Blanket with a weighted shoulder strap to keep it on. You should be able to find a listing for it in my Etsy shop here.