Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Business As Usual

I'm back from Florida, so business is up and running again. I actually sold 2 blankets while I was gone so I was happy about that. I'm excited to start sewing again. I brought some fabric back with me and I'm hoping to start making some new kinds of blankets and other items. I'm also interested in getting into some Craft Fairs coming up here before Christmas. I'd like to get my inventory moving so I can make some new stuff.
Our trip to Florida was a lot of fun. I had a great time with my kids. They are so much fun. Florida was nice and warm. Kind of sad getting back to Utah and having it so cold and rainy. We did a lot fun things. To read about it more you can look at my personal blog,
Well, I hope to be posting some new things in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of Florida.
Oh and when I got back, my husband had cleaned the entire house and painted our front room. It looks great! I've got the best husband!

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