Friday, March 28, 2008

Featured Seller #2 - Ellebelleonetsy

Elle Belle is the place to find handmade, boutique quality baby items that make being a Mom easier and more fun! That's what it says in their profile and by the look of the shop, there are a lot of great items for baby!Besides the usual needed baby items such as blankets, clothing and diaper wipe cases, you'll also find shopping cart covers. This is such a great idea! I'm sure the shopping carts at the local grocery store never get cleaned and who wants there sweet little baby touching all those germs? You can also find slings. Baby wearing seems to be a really hot trend right now. I've not done it with my two kids, but I wish that I could have tried it. I'll have to get a sling with my next one, whenever that day may come. There are also several items that you can have personalized. That would make a great unique baby gift! Check out this shop. There's lots of fun baby stuff!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Featured Seller - Sweet Irie

There are a group of people on Etsy that are blogging about each others shops. I found out about it and thought it would be a fun thing to do. They are trying to get 90 shops to blog about each other. So, check back as I learn more about these fun shops and what they make. I'm sure there will be some great finds that I wouldn't have otherwise found out about.

Featured Seller #1 - Sweet Irie

The owner of Sweet Irie is a an art student going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. She came up with the name Sweet Irie because of her new kitten, named Irie. Irie, meaning supreme joy, use to help out with Sweet Irie's jewelry making, although she wasn't too much of a help. Sweet Irie makes all kinds of jewelry items including, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more. I think her shop has a nice variety of colors and styles and the prices are very reasonable. Check it out! You might find something you like! Here are pictures of my two favorite items from her shop.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Two in One Day

Ok, so I know I've already blogged here today, but I found this awesome shop tonight and just had to share it! SuzanneGlass is owned by Suzanne Ayala from Daytona Beach. She is completely self taught and makes these amazing lampwork glass pendants and figurines. They are amazing. This turtle is my favorite, because I love turtles. She also has beautiful pendants, figurines, sculptures and more! Check it out! It's probably one of the coolest shops I've seen on Etsy so far.

New Stuff

Ok, So this is mostly an excuse to show off my adorable baby. I've started making pillowcase-like dresses and skirts with onesies. I think they are really cute, especially modeled on my little one, Alexys. I've found the most adorable fabric to make them out of and I hope they fly out of my store. If not, my kids are going to be looking good for a long time to come! :-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So, I've decided that I enjoy blogging more about other people's Etsy shops than my own. I think that from now on, I'm going to mostly spotlight shops from Etsy that have really cool items. If I work on something new, I'll stick that in also, but there are so many great Etsy sellers out there, that I think I'll enjoy this more.

So, for my next spotlight, take a look at this shop! CreationsInGlass creates amazing Stained glass items. I came across this shop quite a while ago. It caught my attention because of these two items pictured. I thought they were amazing. I think they are absolutely beautiful - if only I had more money! It's always amazing to me the many things that people are able to create. The owners of CreationsInGlass are from Idaho, where making custom Stained Glass items started as a hobby in 2000. And the most amazing thing is that they can work with you to make a custom order and create your own one-of-a-kind item. Cool, huh? They have jewelry items, nightlights, wind chimes and more. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Need to Clean Up A bit?

Not only do I sell on Etsy, but I also buy on Etsy. Not as much as I would like, but I've splurged a few times. The thing I'm most interested in is the Bath and Body items. I think that handmade soaps are so much better than those commercially made. They smell fantastic, they are mild and rinse off really well. My first purchase of handmade soap came from a shop called Cypress Lake Soaps. This shop was new to Etsy and I was one of their first purchases. I bought the Rosemary-Mint soap. I was so excited when it came with 2 smaller bars of "extra" soap, Peppermint and Patchouli. Although they were all great, my favorite was the Peppermint. CypressLake Soap is a family business. In their search for milder, safer and more environmentally safe soap, they began using only natural ingredients. They make their soap in small batches and they are cured for up to 6 weeks. I didn't know that soap had to be "cured." Anyway, I love this soap! Check out Etsy for more great Handmade items!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


During the week of March 3-9th, I am having a huge sale on all of my Onesies! All onesies are only $6 dollars! You can even pick out what size you want it made in. This is a fantastic bargain. I just want to make room in my shop for some new items. Shipping is $2.50 for each purchase. So buy as many as you want and you'll never pay more than $2.50 in shipping. Click on this Link to visit my store!