Friday, February 29, 2008

EtsyBaby Weekend Showcase

Every weekend, Etsybaby showcases 12 of their members shops. That means, the entire weekend is devoted to all of Etsybaby promoting those stores. Well, this weekend, it's my turn. So, come take a look at my Etsy shop, Cuddlebaby. Ok, shameless promotion, I know. Well, now I want to introduce you to the other 11 shops being showcased this weekend. Hopefully, I can start doing this every weekend. There are some very incredible shops out there on Etsy!

Chocolatelollipop Boutique has the most adorable monster bibs you have ever seen! The owner resides in Canada and claims to be a fabric addict. I can relate! She also carries bibs, burp cloths, blankets and more.

Bundles of Joy, AKA CindyJoy is the promo queen on Etsybaby lately. She's all over the promotion thread to keep it going. She's selling the cutest onesies with art done by her own son! You can also find blankets, onesies and lots of great sales in her shop!

If your little one needs headgear, check out CiteFuzz. The owner is a mom of three girls and how she finds time to make all of those awesome items in her shop, I'll never know. Her knit hats are adorable! She also sells blankets, bibs, burp cloths and gifts sets in her shop.

Cottontail claims that her business is her 3rd child, after her two girls. One of the most creative things I've seen is her Burp Cloth Bouquet. Check out her shop for burp cloths, clothing, shoes, toys and more.

If you go to Customdesignsbymimi, you'll find her shop "closed" because she's expecting her own little one any day now. Congratulations! But don't worry, if you in need of an adorable tag blanket, it's Ready to ship, as are all of the items in her shop right now, including burp cloths and blankets.

Cutifruity hails from Australia, which I hope to some day visit! She likes to make things for family members. I'm sure the little ones love items like these adorable baby booties. You can also find bibs, aprons, skirts, pants and other accessories for the little one.

DolceBaci Boutique, which is Italian for Sweet Kisses, started as a hobby making clothing for her two kids. Now, you can find this most adorable plush toy in her shop. Check out her store for blankets, bibs, burp cloths and clothing for your little one.

Read EdibleBaby's profile and you can see where she came up with the name and theme for her shop. Who wouldn't go bananas over this adorable onesie? Check out her shop for all things yummy! And she was even featured on by InStyle Magazine. Congratulations!

CrawlerCovers and More, AKA FateGoddess has probably one of the most successful shop on Etsybaby. Take one look at these adorable Crawler Covers and it's not hard to see why. I actually purchased a couple from her recently and they are amazing. She also carries Doll diapers, tutus and clips.

GirlieMomma's Baby Gifts Shop started out of making things for her own two little ones. You can find these adorable non-slip socks in her shop! What a unique idea. Look for car seat strap covers, blankets, wash cloths, gift sets and other items in her shop.

And finally, GoldtoneDesigns, our fearless leader! As the co-leader and founder of Etsybaby, I don't know how she finds time to make any of her amazing Baby pillows. She has an awesome shop and above all, we here at Etsybaby all appreciate everything that she has done to keep this team moving! Thanks for everything!

Well, that was a lot of fun! It was great to be able to learn more about everyones shop and the people behind them. So, go check them all out. There are some amazing things on Etsy!


oliverlane said...

Awesome blog post cuddlebaby!

Artopiay said...

This blog is so cute! Thank you for the promotions of the 12 Showcased Members! I know they are thankful as well!

Ravenhill said...

What a wonderful list of shops! I wonder if you have seen my dolls?

I think your onsies are fabulous and a crime that they are so inexpensive! Had I had a baby I would be buying out your store!!!