Friday, September 26, 2008


September has been an awesome month for me on Etsy! I've had a large number of sales, largely contributed to my Tutorials. My blanket tutorial has done great and I also finished another one for making hair clips. Now I'm just trying to come up with more ideas. The tutorials are great. When someone purchases it, all I have to do is email it to them. I don't have any cost for supplies, shipping, not storing items. It's great. I think at some point I want to convert my shop entirely over to PDF patterns, perhaps even open up another shop since I don't know if I will do all baby/kid patterns. I love making the blankets and other items, but it continues to get more difficult as my kids are getting older, sleeping less during the day and overall taking up more of my time. Anyway... So, if you have any great pattern ideas, let me know!
Needless to say, I've enjoyed September on Etsy and I just hope it continues! I keep having to readjust my goals. I make them so that I think there is no way I'm going to achieve them, then something happens to make me have to reevaluate them again. No complaints though, it's great.

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