Monday, January 21, 2008

Can YOU find Bow Bear?

This month on Etsy, I'm offering a promotion, along with several other EtsyBaby Shops! Here is your mission!

Cupid needs your help to find his bow & arrow! Bow-Bear has been wandering around looking through all the EtsyBABY shops trying to help cupid find special things for those special someones, but now he's lost!!!!!
Cupid is offering a reward and has been posting pictures of his bow & arrow in the EtsyBABY shops.

The way the promotion works is, if you find an item in my shop with Bow Bear and his bow and arrows, you get to claim a prize if you purchase that item. So far, Bow Bear has been rumored to have been prancing through at least 10 of my items! And I'm so excited about the prize you will receive! If you purchase a Bow Bear item, you get a free bright and colorful Tote Bag. They measure about 12across X 13tall X 4width. They have extra pockets, zipper section, water bottle holders, cell phone holders, and change purses attached to them. Each one is different. They are perfect for library bags, diaper bags, purses, anything! Until tomorrow, I only have 2 colors to offer, but then I will have a bunch more to display. These are the two designs I have for right now.
I'm really excited about this promotion and I hope that I'm able to give away a lot of these cute totes! So, come visit my shop and see if you can find Bow Bear!