Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nursing Blankets

I've started making Nursing Blankets recently, so I thought I would post a picture and tell about them. A friend of mine had a similar nursing blanket, so I thought I would try to make something like it. It just a serged-edge receiving blanket with an extra strap filled with polyfil beads, which you toss over your shoulder and this keeps the blanket in place while you feed your baby. I think they turned out really good, but we'll see if they sell. I'm also thinking of making them with a detachable strap, so the weight can be taken off and it can be used as just a blanket. Here's a picture.


Rachel Keyser said... Several friends in my ward have these...I definately will need to buy one of these (or have you make one...;)) before I have another baby!

Hyla Waldron said...

I enjoyed reading your blog!
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