Friday, September 21, 2007

Wal-Mart is a Bad Word

I hate Walmart! I dislike their long lines and lack of customer service. The other day I was shopping for new fabrics and decided to take a little trip to Brigham city (20miles away) to look for new designs. Once around the fabric tables I realize I had made a mistake. They didn't have anything I was looking for. I did find a couple of cute prints and made my way to the cutting table, where I had to wait for someone to show up. The lady helping me was totally grumpy and when I told her I only wanted 44 inches, she acted as if I was a retard. "You mean 48 inches, not 44, whatever." After she begrudgingly finished cutting my fabric, I asked her the location of another item. Her curt reply, "We don't have that." Was followed by a swift exit, leaving 4 other people to be helped my one worker. I eventually made my way to checkout where I thought I was lucky to have on 2 people in front of me, especially since the baby was beginning to fuss. Fifteen minutes later and after a lot of tears, it was finally my turn. Talk about slow! When she rings me up, I realize that I had been overcharged for some of my fabric. It hadn't shown on the tag, so I couldn't have caught it earlier. When I tell the worker, she shrugs and says, "You'll have to have the fabric department fix it." As I glance behind me at the 10 or so people waiting in line, I figure it's not worth it and go on with my purchase. By this point, the baby is hysterical and so I finally exit Walmart. This was just one experience, let me tell of some others. At the deli counter, I was told, after asking for 2 slices of ham (I only needed 2 for what I was making) that next time I would have to purchase more or they wouldn't sell it to me. Why would I buy more if I didn't need more? Another time I attempted to buy an item and was told at the checkout stand that I couldn't purchase it. She couldn't even give me a reason. She just said that she couldn't allow it. Walmart has long lines, the aisle are often blocked with boxes, they are often out of what I need and I can never find anyone to help me. I hate Walmart, but, despite everything, I'm not going to quit shopping there because they are just so darn cheap!


Anonymous said...

Wow, What a Walmart exprience you had! They built a Super Walmart in our town a couple of years ago and when I walked in I took an instant dislike to the store. I can't explain it because I used to hang out in our Walmart all the time. If I was missing I was at Walmart. I hardly ever go to our new Walmart. I actually will drive 20 miles to another city to shop at their Walmart. Which sounds like something you might want to do if the customer service is that bad. What were you trying to buy that they couldn't sell to you...Strange! I'll pray that your next trip to Wally World goes better for you! ;)

Rachel Keyser said...

I love the Walmart in Payson, Utah...I could spend hours there, well I did. It was especially fun late at night when all of the rednecks would come out...mullets and mid-drifts everywhere. However, the one here in California by us SCARES me. Kurt and I refuse to go there. It's the dirtiest store I've ever been in. I have resorted to only shopping at Target and paying the extra couple dollars.